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Feeling Long Lakey today! Update 2/9/18

Update 2/10/18 Indian Lake picked up 3 inches of new snow last night. Keep asking me if the trails will hold for next weekend while you miss out on what we’ve got right now.¬† Answer: Trails will probably hold up. I don’t think it will get warm enough or rain hard enough to ruin the […]


Monday Evening Newcomb Run: Update 1/8/17

Crazy Cal wanted to go for a ride after work, which was good for me because I had the same idea. Before I met Cal, I rode around town a little bit and found everything in good condition. Here’s what I saw on the S85/Ski Hut trail. Not shabby at all: On to Newcomb We […]


Decem-brrr!! Update 12/31/17

The guests at Saturday Night’s Snowarriors Party¬†told me that snowmobile riding was great on Saturday. That made sense because the groomers were out and the very cold temperatures kept trails firm and the weekend traffic relatively low. I was bent on getting there to ride Sunday morning, no matter how cold it was! So, here […]