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White lightning by Thanksgiving?

After record warmth for October 2017, the deck is getting reshuffled in November. After getting the first wintry blast of the season under our belt, we can look forward to more action during the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Our present arctic air mass will moderate over the next several days before the next […]


One more hurt, then… Update 1/7/16

Yes, we had a cold blast this week, but that’s only part of the transition to what I expect for the heart of the winter from mid-late January thru February. You’re not going to go from record warmth in December to hard core winter without the proverbial two-steps forward, one-step backwards. Unfortunately when a seismic […]


Winter, Missing in Action! Update 12/11/15

It’s been another brown week here in ilsnow land. I don’t see any real change coming for a while. So, I will give you a thumbnail sketch of what is going to happen for the remainder of December and more important: What needs to happen for winter to FINALLY make a show of force around […]