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Colder to End October 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a nice picture of how the snow pack is spreading, compared to normal for this time of year: The purple shows where snow cover is expanding greater than climatology. The red shows where there is a lack of snow cover in comparison to normal. […]


Warm October 2013

You’ll need to book a flight, drive a long way, or just go on Facebook to find any snow for at least the next couple of weeks. Right now, snow cover over the lower United States is limited to the highest elevations of the Rocky Mountains.


Weather Update: Lowdown on the Adirondack chilldown for mid-October

The weather will feel pretty balmy for the next couple of days, but big changes are on the way as cold air begins to build over Canada. This panel shows a blustery cold blast penetrating into the northeastern United States by the end of next week.  If this panel is correct, snow will be in […]