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Don’t fall in love with it!

Whenever I borrow something from my father, he always tells me: “Don’t fall in love with it!” That is Dad’s way of telling me to return the borrowed item promptly when I’m done using it. In a similar way, any cold weather we expect to get through at least mid-November and probably a while beyond […]


Pre-Thanksgiving Storm?

The Arctic Oscillation is starting to shift and I believe that may lead to our first widespread significant snowfall of the early winter season by the middle of next week. Before we get into any talk about big snow, there is a major cold blast to talk about for Sunday the 24th. This is an […]


“Happy” November!

Confession here: I HATE November. HATE IT!! It’s not quite autumn and it’s not quite winter. It’s the month of 35*F, rain and dark, gloomy days. Only twice in the past 15 years has November segued smoothly into winter: 2003 and 2008. Usually though, it’s a painful and slow wait for winter through a month […]