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Sunday Afternoon Stroll: Ride 2/18/18

Presidents’ Weekend is probably one of the last times you’d expect to see me out snowmobiling. But sometimes you get flushed out of the pocket and have to make a play that you weren’t planning on. The upcoming weather this week flushed me out of my pocket. So, after work I took a run down […]


Wednesday Afternoon Stroll: Update 2/14/18

I couldn’t get out to ride until mid-Wednesday afternoon. But that certainly was not the end of the world for me. It gave the February sun a chance to soften up the trail surface to keep the slides and heat-exchangers happy. And it doesn’t get really dark until after 6pm now. First order of business […]


Touchdown, Speculator! Update 1/2/18

Day off meant riding. But after Sunday’s frozen tundra ride, I was going to wait until the temperature at least got to zero. Since the day started at -16*F, that was going to take a bit of time. So, I washed a huge stack of dishes to help pass the time. I’m sure my daughter […]