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Perkins Clearing, One more time! Ride 3/26/17

Weekend snowmobile traffic was rather light and we didn’t get much rain, so I decided to take a Perkins Clearing run when I got off work Sunday afternoon. Indian Lake village trails were in pretty good shape, aside from some bald spots. Trail surface was fairly hard and didn’t offer the best cooling today. C8/Sabael trail had […]


Spring Fling II, Getting worse: Update 3/21/17

Darrin Jr and I launched in Speculator today. Snow conditions started soft, which eased any bumps. Here is a summary of the conditions encountered: Perkins Clearing: Great riding for the most part. Southerly exposures on Mud Lake Road showing some dirt. Carpenter Hill Road was mind blowing! Big Brook: Pretty good ride, just a few […]


To the edge of oblivion, but… Update 3/9/17

3/10/17 Update: An arctic front dropped an inch-plus of snow Friday evening, ready to be blown to smithereens.  3/9/17 Report Winter’s remnant snow pack took yet another hit this week. We didn’t get a ton of rain, but two days of mild temperatures and strong winds ate some more cover away. Around Indian Lake, snow […]