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Sunday Afternoon Stroll: Ride 2/18/18

Presidents’ Weekend is probably one of the last times you’d expect to see me out snowmobiling. But sometimes you get flushed out of the pocket and have to make a play that you weren’t planning on. The upcoming weather this week flushed me out of my pocket. So, after work I took a run down […]


Wednesday Afternoon Stroll: Update 2/14/18

I couldn’t get out to ride until mid-Wednesday afternoon. But that certainly was not the end of the world for me. It gave the February sun a chance to soften up the trail surface to keep the slides and heat-exchangers happy. And it doesn’t get really dark until after 6pm now. First order of business […]


Accidental Mega-miler: Update 1/18/18

UPDATE 1/19/18:┬áJust got word that Pleasant Riders was able to work on the Fish Mountain trail in Lake Pleasant last night between the grave yard and Oxbow Lake, which was so brutal yesterday. Just remember to use extra caution when you pass through there. That section of trail sorely needs more snow. Report 1/18/18 I […]