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Touchdown, Speculator! Update 1/2/18

Day off meant riding. But after Sunday’s frozen tundra ride, I was going to wait until the temperature at least got to zero. Since the day started at -16*F, that was going to take a bit of time. So, I washed a huge stack of dishes to help pass the time. I’m sure my daughter […]


110 miles on a Thursday afternoon: Ride to Speculator & Wells

After getting home from the Skillet concert at 1am Thursday morning and with the trails being frozen ice/hard pack, I wasn’t thinking of going out on the snowmobile today. But the coastal-nor’ester nudged up just enough to kiss Indian Lake in the cheek with a fresh inch-and-a-half of snow and I just had to get out […]


Ride to Speculator and Wells: Update 1/19/17

The inch and a half of snow/sleet mash we picked up earlier this week sprung me loose for “Ride Day Thursday!” C8/Sabael trail down to Indian Lake was in pretty good shape as I left town this morning, aside from a few persistent water hazards. Indian Lake was a pretty smooth and flat crossing. The […]