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What I am not liking about October!

We gradually switched from a cool, rainy spring and early-summer into a warmer, drier late-summer and early autumn. In and of itself, that wasn’t a big deal in September. But now that we are getting deep into October, we need to step back and take a look at the big picture. At this stage of […]


Early Snodeo Outlook: Update 11/28/16

As a reminder, snowmobiling season starts after sundown Sunday, December 4th for Hamilton and northern Herkimer Counties at the conclusion of big game hunting season. So the first official day is Monday, December 5th. I know people are wondering what the conditions are going to be like for Opening Day and for Snodeo Weekend December […]


“Final” Winter 2016-17 Outlook

With the mainly mild and quiet autumn we’ve had until this week, it’s natural to wonder if that will carry into the winter. The dominant EPO+ weather pattern (persistent low pressures near Alaska) has maintained a strong zonal flow across North America, keeping the cold air locked up over Siberia. I’m fond of saying “The snow pack […]