Winter’s Path to Redemption: Update 1/15/13

Much has been made about Lance Armstrong’s “Path to Redemption.” But I’m here to talk about something that’s actually important: Winter’s Redemption. It turns out that January Thaw has caused people to forget the big snow blitz that we had to close out December, like it never happened!

Well it DID happen and we’re going to be reminded AGAIN that we’re not repeating last winter.

Outlook through the Weekend:

With the contrast of brutally cold air over eastern Canada and mild air over the southern United States, we’ll be in the path of successive light to modest snow events for the next several days. The GFS is depicting a large swath of 0.50″ or greater total melted precipitation between now and Martin Luther King Day. That should translate into 6 inches or more of snow for most of the North Country. Of course there will be some lake effect enhancement over the Western Adirondacks. The bottom line is that we’ll gradually get enough snow to make it look and feel like winter again:


Preciptation (inches) through Monday 7AM

The Storm?

The “Euro” is still showing a potential significant snow event for Monday night into Tuesday. It’s not the altered beast that the Euro was showing a couple days ago, but it would still be enough to get the job done. Plenty of cold air pouring in behind the storm will ensure lake effect and orographic snows on the back side of the storm:

Post Martin Luther King Storm

After that?

If you want cold air to stick around, there aren’t many ways better than having a strong Polar Vortex (PV) over eastern Canada and a negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO-). We never saw anything like THIS last winter!

Polar Vortex and NAO-

Like I said last week, Winter has a lot left in the tank! The fun is coming back to the storm center. Keep coming back here for all of the updates! If you’re looking for last winter, try somewhere else, because he doesn’t live here any more. 😉

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